Answer to: My husband is back after 9 months in Iraq..

Answer to: My husband is back after 9 months in Iraq..

Postby kgrelz12 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:51 am

Do you and your husband have open lines of communication? Does he seem in good spirtits since coming home, or has he been through traumatic stress? He may seem like a stanger, but is he interested in regaining his normal life right away? Do you seem like a stanger to him. Do you ask him his comfort level in different situations? Does he feel he can rely on and confide in you?

In a situation like this, Dr. Scott gives sound advice. He says: give some space, encourage friends and family, reintroduce hobbies, and slowly involve responsibilities and "chores." Dr. Scott mentions lots of positive feedback, lots of patience, and time. He also reminds- don't push, and don't criticize. The concepts will most likely bring about a healthy relationship.

I can completely understand how 9 months of absence can make your husband seem like a stanger. I would recommend a slow rekindling of your relationship. Plan a calm evening with a touch of romance and a little talking...don;t expect too much too fast, this may add too much stress. Take everything very slowly, treat him kindly and gently and all your efforts should pay off. he will come around nad appreciate your tender cafefulness at his time of need. Don't forget, sometimes men respond very well to physical love, so if you're up for it and he is too, sex may relieve some of his tension and get you closer to him. Gook luck!
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