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Low Testosterone

PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 5:19 pm
by songsparrow
Awhile back, I posted my concerns regarding my husband not pursuing me for sex. We have been married 13+ years, and I have always been the one to pursue him. In the last few years, it has gotten to the point where we have sex about once every other month, again, when I pursue him. This month when I pursued him, it resulted with "lack of performance". I spent some time online yesterday researching testosterone (not sure why I hadn't considered this in the past 13 years), and realized the connection. When I gently brought up the subject to my husband last night, he told me he was already aware that he DOES have low testosterone levels. He said that when he went for his physical in February, he asked for it to be checked, and it came back low. For whatever reason, he decided not to share this information with me. I am glad to finally now know why my husband is content to busy himself with his hobbies and not pursue me sexually. I have learned that low testosterone not only affects sexuality, but also the health and mental well-being of a man. This can explain why a man may seem aloof, checked out, depressed, and have trouble following through/making decisions. He may also seem tired. I have been looking into a natural approach to remedy this situation. We already follow a healthy diet, but I will make sure my husband is getting enough good fats (Omega 3), and keeping the sugar consumption low. I will encourage him to ride his bike by me preparing dinner an hour later a few evenings a week so he can have that time to build muscle mass. I can't tell a grown man what to do, but I will encourage him to get to bed earlier so he has adaquate sleep/rest. These are just a few tips I have gleaned from reading online articles regarding low testosterone, and naturally increasing the levels. I wanted to share this information in case anyone else might find it useful.