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Postby psychstudent20 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:02 pm

Your wife gaining weight is normal when you first get married. I understand that her being so heavy is not what you imagined and it makes you less physically attracted to her. You are to love her for better or worse, and that includes her body size. Do you make her feel beautiful in other ways? If a girl feels more confident, then she will feel better about herself and she might start sticking to a diet and exercising.
In my psychology class, we are learning what it is that makes people attracted to each other. Guys typically go for a youthful appearance. Guys place more emphasize on looks than females do. One of Dr. Scott Haltzman's secrets of happily married men is to know your wife. Find out if she's eating out of depression or stress. Find out specifically what it is that makes it hard for her to work out, and go from there. Also know what makes her smile and makes her feel beautiful. Knowing what she is feeling could help a lot.
How much she weighs seems to have a big impact of you. Some men like bigger girls and would be more attracted to the size that she is now. Although physical attractiveness is important to you, you can still find her to be physically beautiful in other ways.
My advice to you is to make her feel beautiful about herself. She will feel better and probably stop eating so much if she is eating for comfort. Also bring it up to her that is a very kind way. Give her compliments about other things and slowly bring up her weight, maybe after having a couple beers.
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