Creating Accomodations for Prostate Health

Creating Accomodations for Prostate Health

Postby ThunderHorse » Fri Aug 10, 2007 12:54 pm

There are several studies that indicate the prostate health is better if ejaculation occurs more frequently.

My wife is usually not in the mood for copulation, so I am left with less than ideal circumstances for ejaculation.

Some of the studies focus on the frequency of ejaculation in the younger years, wtih smoking being an aggravating factor.

I am closer to retirement age, and the test results I get from the MSA tests are indicating a toxic build-up, which can be alleviated by more frequent ejaculation. Search Meridian Stress Analysis for info.

In the sense of being ready for my wife, when she gets in the mood, it is better to hold off on alternative methods of ejaculation. So it is a compromise by which I need to balnce being available for my wife, and keeping the flow of fluids going through the prostate.

The SECRETS book suggests some strategies for using porn in the marriage. My wife has been somewhat receptive to the concept, but not overly enthusiastic.

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