Husband's Early Foreplay Options

Husband's Early Foreplay Options

Postby ThunderHorse » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:20 am

Last night, I tried doing some house cleaning, before bed time. I spotted some dark spots on the carpet on the stairs. I tried solvents, but the spots were just spilled food. So ordianary rug spotter, brush, rug cleaner, water spary bottle and paper towels, and vacuuum. Also Elbow Grease.

My wife did not see me do the staris, as she was watching TV. But I told her that I had cleaned th stairs, and seemed to get some extra cooperation when I started the physical foreplay.

Women are supposedly more sensiteive to early foreplay. In the past, I felt that my wife should clean the stairs, or that we should clean the staris together. So the stairs had three dark spots for some months. I changed my attitude to making the effort to clean a special task in the house, as an element of early foreplay. I am becoming more accustomed to having to point out what my wife should appreciate, from me, and not relying upon her to notice what she should appreciate from me.

I used to feel emasculated in doing what I felt was my wife's job. Changing my perception of doning some things for my wife as Early Foreplay, and using the concepts as reminders in more advanced foreplay, seemed to work, to some degree, for me.

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Postby armywife25 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:43 pm

I know as a home maker I feel like my job is never done. I'm always cleaning up after my husband and kids, cooking dinner, taking care of the baby or doing laundery. When I would ask my husband to help me with something he would say "I don't ask you to go to work and do ___ for me".

But then one day he came home and noticed that I hadn't gotten to clean the kitchen that day because our daughter was sick. He just did it and it not only helped in the bedroom later that night but it made me feel like he understood a little bit more and made me feel more loved.

So all in all I think you hit the nail on the head :D and I can tell you that the more you do little things like that the more open she'll be
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Re: Husband's Early Foreplay Options

Postby lucille » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:42 pm

I don't get the link between cleaning the stairs and foreplay!
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