I need my husband to show remorse

I need my husband to show remorse

Postby deniseinlouisiana » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:15 am

I am 20 months post affair. My husband cheated with a co-worker for2 years. He has not had any contact with her since she left the job 20 months ago. I believe he loves me and wants to be with me. We have been in counseling and it's helped a little bit. I want to move on but I need him to be able to give me a genuine apology for all of the bad choices he made during those 2 years. After reading Dr. Scott's book, I want my husband to sit down and write down all of the things he did that hurt me during that time. I want him to apologize and then I want him to ask for forgiveness. This is very hard for him and other than the "I'm sorry" he gave me 2 years ago as he informed me of the affair, I have not received any adequate apology. Part of me feels that I should just get over it and another part of me feels that if he is not capable of owning up to all of the things he did, he will do it again. He swears he won't but... I have tried to let this go. I just can't and I feel so strongly about this that I think I'm willing to separate over it. I love him. I really do. Anybody out there in this situation?
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