Bi married guys, please help this wife understand!

Bi married guys, please help this wife understand!

Postby Kelly2008 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:07 pm

I have been married 12 years. We've had our ups and downs like any marriage...about 6 years ago, I came out letting hubby and myself know that I was bi. As per our agreement, I didnt lose my curiosity without him there, so we dabbled in the swinger life for a while...and I was ok with all that, even seeing him with another woman was oooh lala!
A year ago, I saw some pics of him posing in my lingerie ( while I was at a docs appt ) He admitted to sending them to another guy and was online talking and trying to find out things about how he feels. He is straight but always wondered what it would be like to do oral on another guy. he has no attraction towards other men.
We get through all of that, went to counceling, etc.
We came to the agreement, or so I thought, that he wouldnt talk to other guys , look at these personal ads, meet or play without my knowing about it, that we'd do it together. and if there were a time for him to experiment, Id be there, as he was for when I experimented. But now, he is looking at a personals site, with local guys, talking and chatting with them. He has been hiding all of this from me, deletes every damn thing so I'd never know who he talks to or what he says. When all I want to do is understand. When I was confused, and chatting to other bi and lesbian women, it was nothing local and he knew all about it. I was open and upfront because I understood his feelings.
But I dont know what to believe. He says he only wears my panties once in a while to feel closer to me while hes working, and hated being in my lingerie a year ago, he didnt like how it made him personally feel. Yet the guys he looks for want him to wear panties or more. I have tried and tried to get him to open up to me, but he just keeps hiding stuff. If I knew what was going through his mind, Id more than likely understand.
I am just really confused. He watches porn, even tranny porn, not much gay porn if any, and I watch it too to show him i'm ok with who he is. But he keeps pushing me away.
So please let me know what is in your mind and what he could possibly be thinking. Im really trying but am at wits end.
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