Initiating and Handling Jealousy

Initiating and Handling Jealousy

Postby ThunderHorse » Wed May 26, 2010 1:13 pm

Certainly the concept of Jealousy has been discussed on other threads.

Lately I have been studying concepts in Anger Management training.

My wife has said some things over the past few days, that have aroused my feeling of jealousy. Is my wife trying to express some feeling of frustation, or other, using jealousy as a method of retaliation? Have I indvertently or unknowingly given my wife feeling of jeaolusy, for which she is retaliating?

So I can presume this is my fault, and ask questions, to see if I have said or done anything that my wife feels required retaliation.

Have I said anything inconsiderate to your feelings?

Have I given you any idication that I am not trying to keep honor for the marriage?

Are you aware that you are pushing my jealousy buttons?

Is there some reason I deserve to be punished?

Is there something more that you want to talk about?

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