Need some advise

Need some advise

Postby slippery42388 » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:48 pm

Hello everyone, names Sean! I don't really have anyone I can talk to about some issues I'm having with my wife, so I'm hoping I can get some advise here.

First off I'd like to tell you all I met my wife in the 8th grade. We have been together for 8 years now, have four beautiful children. We have been married for 4 years now, and these past few years have been really shaky.. You see about once a year my wife decides to up, and leave me, the reasons haven't always been clear for why she has. I'll break down the last 3 times she's left me..

two years ago her, and her mom decided on take a vacation to Georgia, to visit her sister who was living down there. I wasn't invited to go, and she took our 3 children at the time with her. I thought she would only be gone for a week, but to my surprise she cut off all contact with me, and I never heard from her again for another 3 months. Well after about 3 months, she makes contact with me. She is crying begging me to find a way to come get her, which I did of course.. Everything went good for the rest of the winter until...

The next summer came along, and she decided to leave me again.. But this time before we split she got very violent. She tried attacking my mother, but hit me in the process, even broke a lamp over my head. I never even raised my voice to this women, but she turns around, and says I threatened her, and my kids. I ended up being arrested, and had to spend time in jail over this. While she never got anything for doing what she did. And well shortly after we split up again, she got with another man. They was together for about 6 months, and we never spoke to each other the whole time. Well little over a month ago she called me up looking for some advice, and well one thing led to another, and she broke up with her bf. Here we are again back together..

Everything was going great all month, better then it has ever been in the 8 years we have spent together. I thought we have both emotionally grown up a lot in the 6 months apart. We have talked about things we never talked about before because of jealousy issues. Well on the 24th I rode with her mother to another town to help her with some things, and well when we got there she dropped me off at my mom's house, and said she'd be back in about a hour. Well about 2 hours later, and still not have heard from her, I call my wife to find out she was leaving me AGAIN! This time she hasn't giving me a good reason, just that she needs some space. So me freaking out of course because of Christmas coming the next day went into a panic. I begged, and pleaded with her not to hurt me again, but she just seemed heartless.. I didn't even get to spend Christmas with my Children, one of them was their first! But the day after Christmas she kind of started talking to me again, so I took her out got her nails done, bought her a hoody, got her some food, and later that night I get in return "go home your suffocating me" So I did... After another day of trying to get her back I realized it wasn't going to happen if I kept bugging her. So I offered to let her stay at her sisters house for a few days, and I would stay at home with the kids. She agreed and that's where I'm at currently for the next 3-4 days until she comes home. I fear there may be something going on with her ex, or even another man as there was a few trying to get with her right as we got back together. But as always, I'm putting my trust in her hoping it's not the case.. We still aren't officially back together, but before she left today she gave me a hug and kiss and told me she loves me.. I'm really confused..
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