Asking for therapy again after many years

Asking for therapy again after many years

Postby Fustratedspouse » Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:50 pm

We tried therapy in our first year of marriage. It ended up being a blame game according to my husband. When I actually voiced my concerns with our marriage, he went balistic, thought I was blaming him for everything an dwhen the paster tried to talk to him about this he shut down. He went on for days until our next session and it started all over again. We made it to three sessions before we just quit, well he did and there was no point in going on my own.
Now he is asking to go again, but his attitude towards being made to face the fact he is in part to blame for the issues that we do have is much the same that is was 15 years ago.
Does anyone think this is worth the time and more then likely fights this will start, or should I just head this one off at the pass before it gets to far? He initiated the last sessions that we went to in the begining of our marriage, too.
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