Interesting Question...

Interesting Question...

Postby Travis E » Fri Jan 12, 2007 4:12 pm

I'm sure alot of you have noticed the guy Patriarch Verlch. He rants alot, and I've seen alot of you guys say that he's hateful. I was looking around at the effects of divorce on Men, Women, and children, and I came up with a good question that made me think of him.

But first, some background...

The AARP website states that most men are usually more happy in marriage than women, and most women are more happy after the divorce. (1)

I also noted in a phamplet from Brigham Young University that only about 30% of marriages are ended for abuse or danger to spouse or children. I would like to note that infidelity is the #1 reason, but #'s 2 through 6 are reconcilable. (2)

In that same phamplet begs the question "If a mother had an equal fear of losing her children would she so readily seek divorce?" I thought about that, and I pose the question to you all.

On a final note, I do not condone misogyny, and I don't agree with the tone that Patriarch V usually... debates with. I do however, believe in giving due credit, and some of the things he rants, however spiteful, may have some basings in merit.

1) ... vorce.html

2) ... ow2002.pdf
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