Who does this!!

Who does this!!

Postby MOJOONODOE » Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:45 am

I'm American and my wife is Canadian. We have a mutual single male friend. He is awesome in one word. My wife and a few other of our friend want to give him a going away present for being a great friend. SO My wife told me that she wanted to give him a Louis Vutton wallet. I'm like now How about we just get hime separate gift . After I said that she goes on telling me how great of a friend he is. And I understand that But I spend $500 to $800 dollars on a wallet is madness. Any way she goes on and on about the wallet and what he does for his friend. I tell her If your a true friend you do things for your friend. You help your friend out Its just what you do for friends. SHe than told me I was jelious of our friend. I consider myself a good friend and I feel that a Vutton wallet is a little over the top. I can see myself buying a peice of jewelry or even a outfit than getting him a $800 wallet. Am I bugging??
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Hi, few questions for you to help with

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Postby Hremom » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:08 am

No, $800 for a WALLET is crazy! I don't care if this man gave you a kidney, that's simply crazy! You can buy him a new laptop for that amount and it would probably last longer!
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