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Habit control can be developed independently of improving yoru self-esteem

How you go about improving your self esteem can be a separate track.

Affirmations, about your self worth, to review, occasionally, maybe daily is a step toward improving your self esteem.

You have described two habits you can change.

You can avoid over-tightening the food jars. You can stop overly frequently filling her glass with water.

Maybe develop the habit of rinsing outthe jar lid, and loosening it after you tighten, and re-tighten with moderte pressure teh second time. If you think you mihg have over-tighteneed, go through and test eadh food jar.

Maybe purchase a pitcher for ice water, so it can be handy on the table, so either of you can easily access the water pticher.

Many people achieve a feeling of self-worht by making others appear to be imperfect. Your realizing that you have that pattern of looking for or creating imperfrection, is a first step. There is a thread with a list of compliments for your wife. ... .php?t=477

Listening, without implied critiscism is another important skill.

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