Forum General Guidelines and Terms of Service

By accepting membership to these forums, you affirm and agree that you have read this document, and that you will adhere to all codes and terms listed within this Terms of Service (TOS) document.

Forum General Guidelines and Terms of Service

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Forum General Guidelines

By participating in this forum, you agree to abide by the following rules and restrictions:

Dr. Haltzman is happy to provide this forum as a service to the community and assumes responsibility for all the costs and administration inherent within the forum. The goal of this forum is to foster a community that is open to anyone who wishes to take part in it. All content posted within the forum should be suitable for a wide range of audience. Dr. Haltzman reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. There shall be no discrimination with respect to any forum member by reasons of age, race, creed, color, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, place of residence, or physical disability [see Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ]. Dr. Haltzman has a zero tolerance policy for any illegal or otherwise unlawful acts within this forum and will actively enforce such.

By accepting membership to these forums, you affirm and agree that you have read this document, and that you will adhere to all codes and terms listed within this Terms of Service (TOS) document.

General Code of Conduct


Please keep in mind the nature of the Forum's topic before you post to it:
• Criticism should be directed towards the subject or topic at hand, rather than an individual.
• Obvious trolls ("trolls" are posts designed to provoke, shock, or anger) will be quarantined and action taken as needed. This especially includes any blatant attempt to provoke a "site war".
• Attacks towards any forum member, moderator, admin, or SOMM Staff will not be tolerated.
• Anyone asking for "warez" or otherwise pirated or stolen material will be dealt with as deemed necessary including any appropriate legal action where necessary. Often a single warning will be given to the individual, though some situations may warrant more severe action to be taken.
• Anyone offering "warez" or otherwise pirated or stolen material will be banned and all appropriate legal action taken.
• Copyright infringements of any sort will not be tolerated.
• Illegal acts, accusations of illegal acts, or suggestions to commit an illegal act are not allowed on our forums and will be removed from public view, further action will be taken if necessary.
• Advertisements or other commercial posts are not allowed.
• Off-topic threads may be moved, modified or split at the discretion of the moderators.
• Duplicate posts may be deleted in order to consolidate entries in the forum.
• Multiple threads on a single subject by a single individual may be considered as spam and be consolidated also.
• There may also be other reasons to refocus multiple threads to a single thread besides spam. In some instances, these multiple threads may even be created by two different members. It is not our intention to stifle conversation, this is done so that all members are able to follow the same thread and ask and receive feedback in the same location on this subject.
• Posting of private emails or Private Messages (PM's) without the original author's (or authors') permission is not allowed and all such posts will be removed.
• Debates on the validity of personal beliefs such as politics and religion will not be allowed as there are other forums for such discussions.
• Posting a link to any file containing a virus, Trojan, or other harmful payload is not allowed.
• Posting a link that leads a member to pornography (i.e.: 'porn spam'), or any other sort of questionable material, whether a download or website is not allowed.
• Attempting to "hack" or otherwise disrupt the normal functioning of this forum is not allowed.

We reserve the right to remove any post we feel is in violation of these rules as well as any post we feel is not of specific interest to our core membership.

Remedies to Unacceptable Conduct

We encourage discussions on a range of topics as well as the exchange of ideas and feedback, however if posts become disruptive, hateful, or are found to be in violation of the aforementioned guidelines, then action will be taken.

• Anyone violating the Forum Guidelines will be suspended or in some cases will be banned outright, including all known "clone" accounts of the person being banned, at the discretion of the SOMM staff.
• Further legal action will be taken as deemed necessary by Dr. Haltzman.

Moderators will actively remedy any situations that arise which conflict with these Terms of Service.

Specifics actions which will be taken include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Deletion and/or locking of all posts or threads where any illegal activity, (such as Warez requests, or posting of inappropriate materials, or copyright issues) is apparent.
• Locking or deletion of threads that are considered 'spam'. Spam consists of creating multiple threads in different places pertaining to the same subject matter.
• Deletion or locking or posts or threads that are deemed to contain personal attacks on an individual or organization. This is a matter of subjectivity and is determined by the SOMM Forum Team.
• Deletion of posts or threads if any personal information (such as email address, cc info, home address, telephone/fax number, etc.) or site mail is disclosed or published without the permission of the sender.
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