Defining and Tracking Goals for Synergy

Defining and Tracking Goals for Synergy

Postby ThunderHorse » Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:51 pm

A man can provide leadership in a marriage, as a husband, by defining goals for Harmony, that may lead to Synergy.

The idea of a marriage is to be more than one plus one.

Harmony is usally a trademark of Synergy. To achieve Harmony, it can be important to have shared goals in mind.

My wife can get off on a tangent, and seems to forget the major objectives. So I need to have recently described the goals of our marriage, and the benefits from achieving the goals.

So having gone over the current goals of the marriage, recently is one part of a strategy to counter my wife's tangents. Goal discussions should most usually done in a quiet, planning time.

Another part is to have reminders ready for times when tangents are being operationalized in the course of normal activities. Quick, effective reminders of goals need to be ready, to put the tangent in the context of conflcting, established goals.

If a reminder is disregarded, then this may vbe a from of disrepect. If the reminder has been ineffective to place the tangent in perspective of superceding goals, and disrespect is involved, then an interrupting technique may be used, particularly if there seems to be a pattern developing.

Leading Questions:

What are the goals we are working for?

What are the benefits we expect to achieve?

How does the issue that has caught your concxern today, fit ionto the goals we are working on, and the benefits we plan to reap?

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