Introduce Man to Wife, Ch 10.

Introduce Man to Wife, Ch 10.

Postby ThunderHorse » Sun May 23, 2010 12:02 pm

Chapter 10 of THE SECRETS OF HAPPILY MARRIED MEN is Introduce Yourself.

Abbreviated description of , other chapters, 1. Being Male, 2. Pitfalls of Marriage Counseling, 3. Marriage as Some Chores. 4. Study Your Wife. 5. Be Home More. 6. Expect Conflict, Deal with Differences. 7. Learn to Listen. 8 Aim to Please, 9. Marital Bliss. 10. Introduce Yourself.

I tried taking more steps to introduce myself, the other day, from the standpoint of some of the friends that I have, and why I like to see them. My wife found some ways to criticize my friends from one perspective or another, and I let the matter drop.

I plan to bring the matter up again, and one approach I thought of is to rehearse the roles of appreciating some of my firends who share some of my ideas.

I gues I could also ask my wife to develop ideas of expressing her views, in a way that is less uncomplimentary with my views, shared by some of my friends.

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