Mother and Wife on the "outs"

Mother and Wife on the "outs"

Postby hotwired » Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:58 am

Good day! I think this is my first post.

My mother and wife are both very ... strong. They've always gotten along though. Now my mother and wife are on the outs (Mom likes to correct grammar, wife has low self esteem around intelligence...fill in the rest!)

I do understand that a man can do only so much in these cases. I get that my first loyalty is to my wife. The "mother son" relationship (as it was) was severed when I said, "I do." Now mom and I have an "adult" relationship. I also don't feel like I've been a very good son. Now that dear wife doesn't include mom in social calendar I have to make time to see her and bring our 12 year old daughter to see her. I don't do it often, and due to my mom's eccentric personality, my daughter doesn't show much interest either. Recently mom had a cancerous growth and 1/3rd of her lung removed and I took her and picked her up from hospital but then once I dropped her off at her house, I didn't come see her again for almost a month. I didn't realize this until she called me on it. Now I'm feeling like a pretty sh*tty son.

So that's it. I'm p*ssed at my wife because my mother has made a couple of attempts at healing. Mom is definitely a "manipulative, controlling, fill-in-the-blank" but she's trying ... she's human...she has a heart. I want to do my best as man of my house to do what's right. I'm just feeling pretty sad and a little guilty right now and that's probably getting in the way of my being completely rational. Any help would be really grand.

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Re: Mother and Wife on the "outs"

Postby ThunderHorse » Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:11 am

Sometimes our relatives do not get along, and it is disappointing to have to work around their proclivities.

It is nice that you tried to help them get along. There is a time to try something new, and a time to give things a rest for a while, making do with the situation, the best you can.

What other options do you have to try next?

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