Compliments for Daughters, Sisters and Grand Daughters

Compliments for Daughters, Sisters and Grand Daughters

Postby ThunderHorse » Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:55 am

Fathers can be an important support figure for a daughter.

Often there are family conflicts, and it has been tempting to me to leave the positives for my wife, and to interact with my daughter in problem solving situations, which I regret, I did not mention the compliments that I felt for my daughter.

So having some compliments that are appropriate for a daughter, may be important. I maybe shouldhave coached my son to give better support to my daughter. Maybe the compliments for a sister are similarly appropriate for a daughter, or grand daughter.

1. That shows good effort.

2. You did a good job on ........

3. You should be pleased with the results of .......

4. How is progress on ......... going?

5. Elegant

6. Charming

7. Intellectual approach

8. Supportive

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Re: Compliments for Daughters, Sisters and Grand Daughters

Postby kate124 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:18 pm

Daughters are one of those delicate creatures who always need support and compliment for encouragement in their lives, be it from father,mother brothers or sisters. If it is from fathers then the daughters stand up with more confidence in every field of life. A little love from fathers can do wonders for their daughters.
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