My partner hates me

My partner hates me

Postby Amz86 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:55 am

I am not married. My fiance (FH) and I were supposed to be getting married in a few months time however we had a huge argument and now I have no idea where you relationship is going.

FH says that I am to controlling and that I want to spend to much time with him.

I agree that I have been controlling in the past I.e. Telling him I didn't want him to o out with his mates but that has all but passed. Everytime I make a suggestion I.e. Put sweetchilli sauce in satay he gets mad at me and tells me I am controlling him. I have tried demonstration to him that I eant him to have freedom and et but he just won't let go of past.

FH sys that he is done talking and trying to work things out and just wants things to change. I'm not sure what he wants me to do as he wot talk to me.

FH has sopped having sex with me. Originally he claimed that he wasbt horney but I caught him watching porn a couple of times. I explained that I am not ok with porn as it is an insult to me. FH jacks off eveytime I leave the house so I stopped going out so much. FH now gets shitty at me for not going out. I have tried to discuss how mch his actions are effecting me I.e. I cabt enjoy myself while I'mout but claims that it's to bad and has No regards for my feelings. I now have no confidence as a women.

FH uses me not wanting his to watch porn as an example of me controlling him and he tells me he hates me aLl the time. I don't agree with porn ESP considering he knows that he can have se when he asks for it and I told him that I am willing to try kiby sex stuff and etc as long as it does not involve other women.

FH tells me he hates me all the time. I cant even tell him that we can't afford something without him losing his mind yelling at me. I dobt know what to do.

FH is a gentleman around my friends and family and whe n I have spoken about my probs with people I'm close to they cabt believe the way he treats me. He spits on me yells at me calls me horrible names and etc

I have asked him o go to See a councilor with me to work through our probs but he refuses And tells me I need to change as it is all my fault

Does anyone else have control/porn issues?

I have tried to understand why my FH watches it but he refuses to talk to me about it. Yhe pron he watches is standard porn. He always searches big boobs porn. I have size d so I'm not lacking ib that area
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Re: My partner hates me

Postby socialdistortion » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:57 pm

Dear Amz86,

Wait. So you are in a relationship with a man that says “he is done talking and trying to work things out”, wont talk for have sex with you, “jacks off every time” you leave the house, tell you he hates you, yells at you, “spits” on you, calls you horrible names and then tells you that YOU “need to change” and it is all your fault? WTF? Why are you with him?

Seriously, even the best of relationships have trouble in marriage, why would you even want to go into a marriage with someone who so blatantly disrespects you? The dating period is the time when you are on your best behaviour. What does your family and friends thing of him? My suggestion is to get out of this relationship as soon as possible and find someone who can enjoy and respect you. The porn thing can probably be worked out but the rest of his behaviour pretty much says he is not husband material.

Get out now,

Social Distortion
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Re: My partner hates me

Postby TerrellElsie » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:37 am

I agree, he is not the man to build up future with. I'm sorry to say it directly but I don't see any chances that the problem can be solved.
No talking, no sex, only yelling and even hating you. What if he starts beating you?
Basing on your dedication and the fact you care about him I can say you deserve a better man who will evaluate your kindness and mild character in a proper way.
I wish you the best with all my heart.

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