Foreplay Arousal Steps

Foreplay Arousal Steps

Postby ThunderHorse » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:22 pm

The Husband's Secrets book has a chapter explaining the steps in foreplay, to arouse your wife.

Here are some ideas from another thread:

There are many approaches to massage. I have a number of videos, and have read some posts on forums dedicated to foreplay. I suggest you search foreplay, and try various approaches. It may be that your wife has sensitive skin, and the sliding of the hands across the skin, as used in many massage techniques, may not work for your wife. So I would use that information, and suggest a massage technique, that does not utilize rubbing across the skin. Or maybe the massuese did not use an oil with maximum lubricity. There are varous brands of body oil, and you might find a brand that works for her skin.

Without rubbing her skin at all, you can still perform a massage. You can do this by placing your finger tips on a muscle, and pressing down lightly into the muscle, and move your finger tips in 1/4 inch tiny circles, without causing any abrasion to the skin. Obviously, I do not know which muscles may be receptive on your wife. Also, different muscles are receptive at different times of arousal, or different times of the month. Dr. Haltzman's book mentions that when women are in their fertile days, they are especially recptive to advances.

Let us examine places to start a finger pressure massage, with 1/4 inch circles and light pressure. You can use varying numbers of fingers, to test various effects. On each side of the back bone, are two large muscle groups, in the alluvial canal. So move your handacross her back, find her back bone, and then find the muscles in the canal on the side, and press ligthly into the muscle, and move your fingers in 1/4 inch circles, gently, count to 3, and release your hand. Don't worry that your wife says at first, but wait a few minutes, and then see what her facial expressions are. Women have cycles of reappraoch of 3 to 7 mnutes. It is important for you to find how many minutes to wait. Your wife may express irritation on your first touch. But her feelings may evolve to pleasure in a few minutes.

The alluvial canals are more sexually stimulating in the lower back. So you might start in the upper part of the back, and then move down. You might start with 3 seconds, and then if you are not getting rejected, extend to 5 to 10 to 20 second light pressure tiny circles. You might search "sexual accupressure". With many of the accupuncture points, there are pleasure pressure points for massage. The neck is another point to start. There are muscles that attach the skull to the neck bones, that can be massaged just above the hair line There are muscles on each side of the neck bone. The Neck and spine bones are sensitive, and you shuold avoid contacting the disks of the spine and neck bones, but work the muscles beside the spine, an inch or so from the spine.

So you can contact the muscles, and using light pressure, you should avoid damaging any nerves. Theoretically, it is possible, with deep heavy massage, to damage a nerve. Rolfing is a disciplne of deep muscle massage, that has a 3 year course of instruction, on how to avoid nerve damage when using heavy pressure to certain musles. The theory is that as muscles receive pressure, and when the pressure is released, that the mucle will produce endorphin chemicals which give a sensation of pleasure. The thigh and calf muscles are large muscles, that can be lightly squeezed, and then released. In the next 3 to five minutes, the mind will receive a pleasurable feeling from the endorphins.

Foreplay for men is short. For women, they build up feelings over several days. So don't expect quick results. You should be able to read your wife's body language to see an increase in pleasure. Then maybe two finger tips on each side of a nipple, touch, circle, release. The pubic mound, the area above the clitoris, is sesitive. You don't need to rub the skin, just touch with your finger tips, press lightly, and tiny circles, count to 3, and release. For the clitoris, you will need some lubrication. There are water soluble lubricants that are supposed to be more compatible wtih the vaginal fluids, and oil inside the vagina is thought to contribute to yeast infections, but you will need some kind of lubricant for even light finger pressures to the vulva on each side of the clitoris. Push the vuvla to the side, away from the clitors, at first.

Buy some expensive after-shave. Ask the ladies at a higher end department store, and ask the lady sales clerks for advice. You may need to try a few brands till you find what your wife enjoys.

There are books and tapes avaialble on the internet for sexaul accupressure. A light, short squeeze to the large muscles in her rear, might release some pleasurable endorphins within a few minutes.

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